Welcome to Roadmap to Residency! We look forward to helping you start this journey into medical residency. As you know matching is the single most important moment of your medical career; as it determines the trajectory of the rest of you career. Everything up to this moment culminates in this single event. We are here to help you make the most of it.

In the coming months we will help you craft, review and polish everything about your application. All the way down to your hand shake and interview skills. Road mapping sessions will compose a large portion of our time together. During your road mapping sessions, we will develop a customized game plan for your application based on your unique characteristics, desires and situation.

When we create your roadmap we use your USMLE scores, grades, specialty of choice, unforeseen red flags, current medical school, desired location, dean’s letter and multiple other characteristics to make an actionable game plan. We develop a plan that gives you the best chance at obtaining the match of your dreams. We will help  you to make the correct application and sub-internship decisions to obtain the best letters of recommendation. This will make your application truly shine.

We work with students with all ranges of USMLE scores. We have helped place applicants with USMLE scores as high as 275 and USMLE scores as low as 195. No matter your USMLE score, you need a perfect application that optimizes your chance of matching in the program of your choice. Here at Roadmap to Residency we like to remind all of our clients that they would not walk into a USMLE step exam without preparing for it completely. That level of detail and dedication needs to be applied to crafting your application.

Our team will guide you through the months leading up to and during the application process to give you the highest chance possible at achieving your dreams. We will help you bolster your application to be the best it can be. With our coaching, you will attack the match with a winning game strategy! You are more than your USMLE score or grades no matter how high or low. Don’t settle for less than going for your dreams.


About R2R

We are physicians who guide medical students in their pursuit of residency . Having been through the match ourselves we have found that much of the information that is received through schools, administration and from programs can be outdated and erroneous. This can lead to catastrophic results, and we have seen students become marginalized by the system due to over applying, under applying, fear and misinformation. Roadmap to Residency is here to guide you though this trying time into a successful match into the field of your dreams.

When we founded Roadmap to Residency it was based off the firm core belief that the best doctors are the ones that are in the field of their choice because that is where their passion lies. We hope to help you achieve your dreams. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and for trusting our team in this most critical portion of your career.

We are excited to work with you in the coming months.


Your R2R Team