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Download and user guides to the software we use to connect with you.

Things covered on this page

  1. Zoom Video Conferencing Software
  2. Gmail account

Zoom Video Conferencing Software 

First please download the zoom video conferencing app to your laptop and mobile device using this link.

Joining a meeting

Sharing your screen

Zoom user guide link

There are 3 sections in the email to pay attention to “What, When and Where.” Next to “where” there is a zoom URL that you will use at the time of your consult to join our meeting. You will receive 1 confirmation when you book and 2 reminder emails with this zoom meeting link in prior to your consult. We will further discuss this in the next section. Now that you have the zoom application downloaded. At the time of the meeting please click the zoom url link that you receive in the email conformation that you received after you scheduled an appointment like the one below.

Example conformation email with link bolded next to where. Click this link in your email to start the meeting. 

upload-731d69cbe02f2b744b8c0c4e176aadce.Appointment Scheduled

for Client

What Application Strategy Consult ( Roadmap to Residency)
When Tuesday, November 5, 2019 5:00pm EST
Where URL:
Meeting ID: 6063473923
Thank you for choosing Roadmap to Residency! Your appointment has been successfully scheduled. We look forward to guiding you through this journey into Dermatology.

If you have not already completed your R2R Academic Profile please follow this link. Complete Your R2R Academic Profile
– Sincerely,
Your R2R team


Gmail account 

If you don’t have a Gmail account please click the link below to make one. Please email us with your new email so we can connect you to the G suite we use to make revisions to your application.

Make a Google Account