Scheduling a Consult

Booking though the Scheduler

1. Once you have arrived at the scheduler click redeem package. Or if you are using your free consult click free consult. If you are using your free consult skip to step 4.

2. Then enter your email to see your remaining package credits.

3. Select which roadmapping session you would like to use

4. Confirm your time zone. (It should be automatically detected. It is important that this is correct as all of the displayed times will be in scheduled through your time zone.)

5. Then click continue booking

6. The availability calendar will pop up for you to select your time and date of your consult.

7. Select your desired time and click continue.

8. Fill out the form that comes up

9. Click confirm. If you are redeeming a package and enter your email or code. If you have an account or entered your email above in the first redeem code it should auto populate.

Click apply

Your roadmapping session is confirmed. We recommend registering for a account to save your information. You can reschedule and edit the information you filled out through this page and also though the confirmation email that you will receive. In the next section we will cover how to use the link in the confirmation email to connect to our meeting.

Example of confirmation page after signing up below.